De_Dust Edit

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Setting: Eyptian or Arabic land

Buy-Zones: Two

Bomb Sites: Two (Designated A and B)

De_Dust is one of the oldest maps of Counter-Strike, It has featured in 'ALL' Counterstrike games including Condition Zero and Counter Strike: Source. Its built up of 2 spawn locations, 2 bomb sites and 2 buy-zones. The map has many advantages which both teams can strive towards while the game is in progress, and with a decent team the out-come of the round is nearly always a win. Also this map is a Bomb planting map (de) and each round are extreamly unique, you never know whats going to happen.

Choke Point:

Upper Tunnel

Upper Tunnel: The upper tunnel is very much the Choke-Point of de_dust. Its the area were most players will tend to go to achieve the round objective. There are 4 entrences to this tunnel, 3 of which are only accessable by the CT's at the start of the round and the Main opening which is the only way the Terrorists can enter though.